A Wonderful Time ——K1 Class Educational Field Trip

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A Wonderful Time

——K1 Class Educational Field Trip






The international K1 grade-class took a field trip to Oriental Land’s National Security Education Gallery and Park located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai on March 26, 2019.? We arrived at the beautiful park that stretches 5,600 acres, including 2,000 acres of water surface, and hundreds of tree and plant species, with high spirits and enthusiasm.? Welcomed by a beautiful waterfall, the parents and children were very excited.


The theme for March is transportation. Our goal for this field trip was to support the children’s knowledge of transportation by putting what they learned in class to practice outside of the classroom, and broaden their the educational experience.??? We introduced this theme through a variety of activities, including the creation of aluminum boats (testing whether they would sink or float in water when placing marbles in them), learning about friction by testing the speed of cars on ramps at different elevations, and covered in different materials, to simply learning a number of transportation themed songs and rhymes.? This field trip was a fun way of creating? more relevance to this month’s theme of transportation by making connections through firsthand experience.


The children demonstrated a strong sense of independence and responsibility; they walked beside their parents and explored the area without much assistance.


It was a pleasure to see the look of excitement, curiosity, and awe on their faces, the moment we entered the park: surrounded by giant missiles, rockets, tanks, and a noticeably large aircraft carrier.


While there, we were given a tour by military men and women, who shared some of the history and practices of the military vehicles, air crafts, submarines,? ships, and weapons; the children were filled with so many questions and happy to point out things they recognized along the way. It was really a very good experience for the kids.


They especially enjoyed partaking in the laser simulation shooting with their chaperone; eager and focused on making good aim. I watched as the children listened attentively to the directions, and jumped right into starting the activity.? Even the parents and grandparents got in on the action, and surprisingly turned out to be good at aiming.


The other interesting is we tried to had a brief English lesson there and discussed the things we saw and reviewed the transportation vocabulary what we learned. And we had great time for a family styled picnic.? It was there that I witnessed the children’s generosity as they shared their meals and snacks with each other.? A few children asked me questions about whether or not I enjoyed the food, and pointing out their favorites among the spread. This is also a good chance for the kids to practice oral English. The weather was pleasant and laying on the lawn and eating among family and friends proved to be very enjoyable for the children and everyone else there.


And also We played a few games afterward with our homemade paper planes. A couple of parents participated in the fun. Spending quality time together can strengthen the relationship between parents and children.


Then, we continued our trip with a stroll through the park, where we ended at the playground for children to play and enjoy the remaining time together.


Overall, the field trip turned out to be a great success.? It helped to enrich this month’s curriculum theme of transportation, strengthen the children’s observation skills by immersing them into a number of sensory activities, broadening their knowledge of different modes of transportation, and expanding their awareness of the outside community.? It was an experiential learning experience for the children, one that I am certain will remain in their memories for years to come.





Written by :Capri & 駱翠群